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CopperReach line powered outdoor node

CopperReach is a network line powered outdoor hardened node with four PoE Plus ports and fiber or DSL backhaul. It is a simple, flexible, and inexpensive solution to delivering reliable power and broadband connectivity to your field mounted electronic equipment.

CopperReach 1000 Series Data Sheet

Express Power for Outdoor Networks

line power voltage converter for FTTH and FTTP

Generonix products are designed to support outdoor equipment on telephone poles, on overhead wire strands, in curbside cabinets, and on the outside of buildings and homes. Almost all outdoor wireless, fiber optic, and intelligent traffic system (ITS) networks face the problem of finding reliable power. Generonix takes telco-grade network line power from telephone lines to power its voltage converters, and are specially designed for quick deployment in outdoor networks, without requiring large numbers of disposable and potentially toxic batteries in homes and neighborhoods, thus providing green power for outdoor networks.

Our products include:

Reliable, Low-cost, and Green

line powererd votage converter for municipal WiFi network

Network Line Power (NLP) products are destined to be deployed in outdoor or shared indoor location; they eliminate the need for local lead-acid batteries in indoor or out door UPS systems, utility power meters, and truck rolls to replace batteries every 1-3 years or respond to customer service requests.
Reliable. In the case of an commercial power outage, an centrally maintained battery office with diesel/natural gas generators can maintain service 24/7, instead of the 2-4 hours of local battery solutions. It can installed at just about any location where phone lines are available, and leverages the reliability of the phone network to bring reliable power to outdoor network equipment.
Low-cost. NLP can be quickly installed, and requires no periodic maintained. NLP is particularly effective where there is no basement to mount a UPS, or there is no existing outlet, or where only shared power is available, such as multi-dwelling units (MDUs). And best of all, the customer or telco does not have to periodically test an USP battery, replace it using hazardous waste replacement procedures every 1-4 years, handle false alerts when customers toggle a circuit breaker, or worry about massive phone alarms and outages due to drained local batteries in emergencies.
Green. NLP is a "green" technology, in that it eliminates the needs for lead acid batteries in every home and business.

One calculation for FTTH and FTTB deployment alone estimates that 12 billion batteries might be have to be recycled over a period of fifty years if FTTP is ubiquitously deployed. Savings on a single truck roll for a customer complaint or a battery replacement pays for the inital equipment costs!

CopperReach Applications

Network Line Powered Municipal Wi-Fi

line power votage converter for wireless access point

The rapidly growing field of municipal Wi-Fi demands reliable low cost power and network backhaul. Outdoor wireless access points can be deployed at convenient locations in the neighborhood, powered by copper pair phone lines, with Ethernet taken from either network line powered ADSL2+, VDSL2, or fiber optic line terminations. CopperReach can reduce deployment time of line powered Wi-Fi access points and radios from months to minutes.


Network Line Powered Surveillance

line power votage converter for Surveilliance using IP Network Cameras

Outdoor network IP surveillance cameras are a growing way to reduce crime and improve public safety at lower cost, but requires local power and high upstream bandwidth connectivity. Generonix provides a quickly deployed, secure, and reliable network line powered surveillance camera solution that keeps on working even in the event of utility power failures, just when you need surveillance the most.


Network Line Powered Picocell/Femtocell

ONT inslattion of SureReach

Picocell and femtocells are small cellular basestations which are increasingly being used to extend coverage to indoor areas where outdoor signals do not easily reach, or to add network capacity in outdoor areas with very dense phone usage or in difficult to reach locations. Generonix provides reliable network line powered 50W and 100W cellsice power that keeps on working even in the event of utility power failures, just when you need emergency cell service the most.


SureReach FTTH Applications


Network Line Powered FTTH

Fiber-to-the-Home is a rapidly growing market, but FTTH providers face challenges of providing reliable battery-backed power for "Life Saver" primary phone line service. Generonix provides a quickly deployed, low cost, and reliable network line powered ONT or ONU solution that keeps on working even AC power fails, just when you most need emergency phone service.


"Switchable" home power

Line Powered MDU FTTP

In some cases, telco's prefer to provide a "belt and suspenders" reliability. The Switchable option for SureReach will automatically switch without loss of service between two a local 12 VDC AC/DC converter, and NLP; this means the service provider doesn't provide power except in emergencies, and can perform maintenance without disrupting service. An alarm interface is provided to notify the ONT which power source is active.


SureReach FTTB Applications

"Always-on" for multi-dwelling units

Line Powered MDU FTTP

Fiber-to-the-Premises, to two family duplexes, apartment buildings, condos, co-ops, or offices, faces challenges of location, ownership, and finding reliable power. Generonix provides way to handle the challenges of Multi-Dwelling-Unit (MDU) deployments using network lines powered ONT or ONU solutions at low cost and without extensive customer interaction.


SureReach OSP Applications

xDSL Extension

remot farmhouse

Using xDSL loop extenders, conditioners or amplifiers help increase the service reach of copper based broadband networks. But these devices require 48VDC. Generonix network line power is a single line inexpensive alternative to using multiple power pairs for xDSL conditioners and extenders or speciality line power equipment.


"Always-on" Cell site power

Line Powered MDU FTTP

Cell sites and other locations run on 24 VDC power, but 48 VDC is required to power ONT's, EtherNID's, fiber loop converters, and other access devices for T1 or Ethernet fiber backhaul. Other Applications include outdoor Surveillance and Security cameras, micro-cells, Wi-Fi/WiMAX nodes, and traffic control sensors.


ITS: Intelligent Transportation System power

Line Powered MDU FTTP

ITS system require three or four nodes per mile to support IP camera surveillance, traffic sensors, wireless radios, and other equipment. Often most needed in emergencies, when AC power may fail, SureReach provides DC power for reaches of 10 or more miles using copper gage wire blown in along with Fiber to handle the powering and backhaul of traffic data alone interstate highways and roads.