About Generonix

The mission of Generonix is to develop and sell products that provide affordable digital services by creatively using the existing network infrastructure. Generonix develops and markets products which enhance the profitability of existing copper networks and has researched, patented and developed telecommunications products that address these opportunities.

Generonix Inc. is a Rochester, New York based telecommunications equipment company. Originally founded as MTC Research, LLC in 2003, it was incorporated in 2006 as Generonix Inc., a Chapter C corporation. Our CopperReach product has been developed as a lower costing infrastructure solution to support the the rapidly growing municipal outdoor remote power and Internet access networks, which will support rapidly growing applications for municipal Wi-Fi, surveillance, vehicular communications, IP video, and other applications still being developed. This product will form an essential part of the infrastructure that allows deployments of multiple applications with reliable power and broadband speed at a low cost. Our SureReach product supports FTTH by providing "life-saver" power to optical network termination equipment on homes, multi-dwelling unit residencies, small business offices, and other premises.

For more information on Generonix Network Line Products contact:

Generonix Inc.
620 Park Ave., PMB 113
Rochester, NY 14607

(866) 464-4693 (inside United States)
(203) 984-0926 (outside United States)

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