Applications for SureReach

SureReach Network Line Powered voltage converter for FTTH and FTTP

SureReach is a outdoor hardened DC/DC voltage converter designed for premise-based deployments in network powered broadband systems. It is an important element in any public or enterprise network that requires reliable telco-grade outdoor power delivered to a home, small business, apartment, multi-family dwelling, or other premises. As part of a phone company service offering, it can provide network line power to a large variety of devices, including optical network terminals or units (network line powered ONT or ONU): thus you can provide "life-saver" power to FTTH or FTTP subscribers using Central Office provided network line power instead of local premises-based batteries.

Applications for CopperReach

Line Powered WiFi Radio Installed in Phelps

CopperReach is an easily installed device that provides power and optional DSL or fiber optic media conversion for outdoor devices in the OSP network. As part of a phone company service offering, it can provide power and Ethernet connectivity to a large variety of OSP network devices, including Wi-Fi access points, EMS 4.9 GHZ transceivers, wireless bridges to handle remote DSL access, traffic control devices, outdoor DSL repeaters/extenders, mini DSLAMs and DLCs, micro/pico cellular or WiMAX base stations, outdoor digital kiosks, and outdoor displays. By deploying CopperReach, the phone company can generate monthly recurring revenue on existing copper pairs by offering a power over copper, and broadband digital Internet access over copper or fiber or air, to a wide variety of outdoor network devices. Applications include: