Product: CopperReach

CopperReach supports essential services for outdoor and remote networks of electronic devices:

CopperReach is a voltage converter with an optional integrated DSL or fiber optic media converter that provides a simple, scalable, and low cost solution to the problem of delivering reliable power and Internet broadband connectivity to field mounted electronic equipment. For outdoor Wireless Access Points, outdoor surveillance cameras, traffic control devices, electronic displays, or any other outdoor equipment needing easily installed reliable power and/or Internet connectivity, CopperReach can provide network line power and optional Ethernet in a variety of options using twisted pair telephone lines to deliver reliable power. It provides power options for power over molex or PoE connectors.

Network line powered backhaul from remote or outdoor devices is supported with both DSL and fiber media options. The hardened field enclosure is customer accessible via a lockable customer access compartment, and is designed to operate in harsh weather conditions. Ground visible LED's support field troubleshooting, centralized management and configuration, as wells as remote power down/up, reduces maintenance costs.

CopperReach 1000 Series Data Sheet

CopperReach 1100 Series Data Sheet


CopperReach from Generonix Inc. is a strand, pole, or wall mounted device that supports the rapid and low cost deployment of municipal wireless networks, surveillance cameras, multi-dwelling unit network access, and other outdoor network line powered devices. Based on patented technology, it uses the existing copper network infrastructure to bring standard power and optional Ethernet connectivity to wireless access points, allowing a local exchange carrier, wireless Internet service provider, or municipality to deploy a variety of outdoor devices in their network without using AC mains power.

Strand Mounted CopperReach using Network Line Power for 48 VDC PoE outdoor voltage converter

CopperReach comes in a variety of options, depending on the choice of access point powering and backhaul technology:

Architecute diagram of network line powered outdoor CopperReach voltage converter.


CopperReach may be used to provide reliable battery backed power to remote or outdoor locations without requiring field meters, batteries, or attachment to utility power. Where DSL or Fiber is deployed, it will also provide Ethernet connectivity. Thus it is suitable for a wide number of applications:

Wi-Fi network example

CopperReach is suitable for a muni Wi-Fi network, with integrated surveillance cameras, providing common municipal services for a town that may not have large amounts of ready fiber in the streets. CopperReach field units would be typically deployed on aerial strands between telephone poles, connected to twisted pair copper lines that run back to the central office.

Architecture Diagram showing network line powered CopperReach outdoor voltage converter unit powering wi-fi access points and radios

In the central office, one or two twisted line pairs convey DC power to the CopperReach strand mounted outdoor device. Optionally, another DSL line carries IP data from the central office digital subscriber loop access module (DSLAM). Each CopperReach field unit converts the power to 48 volt DC,110 volt AC, or PoE, and provides both power and Ethernet to an 802.11 hardened outdoor AP via a PoE cable. Note that other types of PoE devices, such as surveillance cameras, and wireless bridges that extend access in places where DSL may not be available, can be supported as well. This example shows CopperReach in a hybrid DSL network and Fiber Optic Network, providing power and Ethernet connectivity for remote or outdoor wireless access points.

Rapid Deployment

CopperReach with network power and DSL backhaul can be more rapidly deployed than solutions requiring AC mains powered equipment and fiber or other backhaul technology, since:

Reliable, Easily Available, and Low-Cost Network Power

The power is provided as reliable DC over existing copper pair lines:

Significant Operational Benefits

Network operations are unified with DSL operations:

Cost Advantages

CopperReach results in significantly reduced capital and operational expenses.It supports incremental growth with low initial investment. It leverages existing networks, and uses copper that is currently going unused. It is cost effective for both dense large urban municipalities, and suburban and rural towns and villages.