SureReach, supporting reliable power for outdoor networks

SureReach is a hardened DC/DC voltage converter that provides a simple, scalable, and low cost solution to the problem of delivering reliable power to premises mounted optical network terminals or units (variously called ONT or ONU), or to other outside plant (OSP) equipment, such as fiber media converters, repeaters, RF amplifiers, surveillance cameras, radios, and traffic sensors. It can be mounted on the outside of homes, apartments, or multi-family dwellings, or inside a cabinet. It is an intergral part of a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network, on buildings, offices, stores, or any premises as part of a Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB) networks, or at other locations in the outside plant network as part of a Fiber-to-the-Curb (FTTC) or Neighborhood (FTTN). And it is an important component in Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) networks. It can be deployed in wireless networks to convert powoer for cell, micro-cell, or Wi-Fi/WiMAX networks, or in any network where AC power is expensive and not available in emergencies. SureReach uses network line power over twisted pair telephone lines to deliver reliable power to optical conversion or other outside network equipment. It comes in four different models:

line power votage converter for FTTH and FTTP

SureReach 2000 SR2-12190 and SR2-48190 Data Sheet

SureReach 2000 SR2-4824 and SR2-2448 Data Sheet

SureReach Network Line Power Calculator (requires Excel or Openoffice)

SureReach Ordering Guide

SureReach in FTTX Network Whitepaper

SureReach in FTTH/FTTP Network

SureReach from Generonix Inc. is designed to support Fiber to the Building/Home(FTTB/FTTH) networks, Cellular network, or any other outdoor network requiring reliable, low-cost, and green power for devices in the 10-100 watt range. It is a small (Width 100 mm, Height 120 mm, Depth 38 mm, Weight .8 lbs. or 0.373 kg) system sealed after installation which safely converts battery backed centrally provided network line power to 12 VDC or 48 VDC to power ONT/ONU or other OSP termination units. Each SureReach premises unit is a temperature hardened, weatherproof power system designed to operate in harsh outdoor environments. It can be quickly installed using basic hand tools next to the ONT/OUT, or in a cabinet in the cell site or other location, and requires no periodic maintenance after installation.

Architecture of network line powereed surereach unit in ftth and fttp networks

The total network solution has two parts (see Figure 1): the premises based SureReach, and a Central Office shelf-mounted power unit connected to 48 volt battery fields. Both Fiber optic and copper cables connect subscriber premises to the Central Office. A SureReach unit is installed next to the premises based ONT/ONU and provides it with 12 VDC power. The Central Office contains shelf-mounted equipment that provides high-voltage power to the remote premises units (Note: proper safety procedures for high-voltage network line power should be followed as per the provisions of NEC Article 830 and UL 60950-1). Central Office DC power is derived from parallel lines of flooded lead-acid batteries optionally backed by a generator with 24 hour back up capacity; these are well maintained, operate under ideal conditions and provide reliable and economical power.

Multiple SureReach units may be fed from one upstream power converter off one or two twisted pairs, saving the cost of the Central Office power converter modules and copper lines. In addition, a 48-volt version of SureReach can be used to provide power for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) ONT/ONUs without requiring a local metered AC utility power thus avoiding the billing issues involved with power sharing. Note that due to ringing requirements and peak voltage limits, care should be taken when attempting to power multiple ONTs off one SureReach or multiple SureReach units off of one upstream port. Typically, no more than two can be powered due to the power requirements of ringing and off-hook telephones.

SureReach with network line power provides both the Service Provider and the Subscriber with major advantages. For the Service Provider:

For the subscriber:

SureReach results in significantly reduced capital and operational expenses when compared to premises based battery solutions. It supports incremental growth with low initial investment. It leverages existing networks, and uses copper that is currently going unused. It is cost effective for both "greenfield" and existing "Brownfield" housing developments. And it retains the tradition of reliable high-quality service for voice service, thus protecting the Service Provider's market from competition with cable or VoIP based providers.